Saturday, February 28, 2004

Like Free Magazines?

Check out Free Biz It asks you to fill out some information about your job (generic info). Make something up. Once you're signed on, then periodically you will get emails asking if you would like a free year's subscription to various magazines. I've gotten everything under the sun - from Sports Illustrated to Stuff to Newsweek, Saveur, etc, etc. No credit card info required. Once the year's subscription expires, then you'll get a renewal notice which you can choose to use or disregard. They also offer from time to time free digital magazines (I'm currently getting Barrons, Foreign Policy, US News and World Report, Handheld Computing, PC magazine). They're identical to the print magazine, except you download them and view them in a slick free viewer. If you use a spam filter on your email, you may want to watch it carefully for a bit to make sure it's not disgarding these free offers. Once you see one, if you mark it as "Friend", then you won't have a problem. If you don't use a spam filter, disregard this.

Each time they send you an offer , you have to go to the website and go through the same ol' questionaire asking about your job, etc. They'll offer you some other stuff, which 99% of the time I say no to. You have to look closely to find the "no" buttons sometimes (watch out for the Literary Guild offers). But all this is a small price to pay for the free mags - in my case, they are passed out to Guests at our Inn, so I'm sure that is of benefit to the magazine publishers. It's peanuts to the publishers and good advertising. So, enjoy your reading! (I get nothing out of this, so don't think I'm hitting you up for something. :) I'll save that for my wild salmon offerings and audio books. :)  

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