Friday, February 27, 2004

Your Choice for VP?

-- Assuming Kerry is chosen at the Convention, whom amongst the following 3 do you think would be the best bet? Edwards (lack of experience and foreign policy experience, but strong with common man) ? Bill Richardson (Gov of NM) - strong on Foreign Policy - speaks fluent Spanish (raised in Mex.City) - would bring possibly very strong Hispanic vote (Florida) or Dick Gephardt (strong on jobs - could bring Missouri, Ohio and similar states that have been hardhit by job loss into the fold) ? Or perhaps someone else I haven't mentioned? Click on the comments link below to post your view.

-- Paul Krugman discusses The Trade Tightrope - The point is that free trade is politically viable only if it's backed by effective job creation measures and a strong domestic social safety net. And that suggests that free traders should be more worried by the prospect that the policies of the current administration will continue than by the possibility of a Democratic replacement.

Put it this way: there's a reason why the two U.S. presidents who did the most to promote growth in world trade were Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman, while the two most protectionist presidents of the last 70 years have been Ronald Reagan and, yes, George W. Bush.

-- Dennis Hastert today is calling on a curtailment of the 9/11 commission. Bush is saying that he approves a 60 day extension, but many are suspicious that Hastert is doing the "heavy lifting" for GW on this one and is trying to prevent further disclosing. Bush has agreed to sit down with the 2 chairmen of the commitee for 1 hour, but not before the entire panel. Hate to tell them, but 1 hour goes pretty quickly, when about all you can say is , well, uh, duh...., well, let's see - what date did you say this thing happened?

Harry Potter author becomes a billionaire. Not bad for someone who started writing these books at the corner cafe, because she couldn't afford heat in her apartment. The list of billionaires has now grown to 587, an increase of 111. There's hope for me yet! Just a few more investments and I should be there. LOL

Richard Grasso says no way is he giving back 139 million to the Big Board. Hey, if they were stupid enough to give it to him, why should he?

-- Bob Hebert makes some good points with his Bliss and Bigotry article in the Times today. In a world beset by ignorance and poverty and suffering, a world wracked with wars and terror attacks and ethnic strife of every kind, it seems crazy to be twisting ourselves into knots over the desire of good men and women to transcend the prison of themselves and affirm their love for another by marrying.

That kind of desire is a good thing, isn't it?

--- Before we keep pouring money into schools and "education", maybe it's time we realize that it's not so much the physical things our kids need. Sure computers for everyone are nice, bright and shiny buildings, all that stuff. But that's just what it is - stuff. What kids really need are quality teachers. Kids in America can be just as bright as elsewhere, but it requires top-flight teachers like Rosemary Fryer . America needs to spend that money on finding and encouraging great teachers first and foremost. Anything else is lip service to education. Ask yourself how many truly great teachers you had? I suspect you can count them on one hand. (I can count 2 truly great ones).

-- Going to England anytime soon? Even if not, you should check out this site which will tell you all about English Pub Etiquette . You'll be a bloomin' expert!

-- Need your Sinuses sucked out? Ask your pharmacist! Yikes! How about an arterial aneurysm? No problem - take a seat buddy!

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