Wednesday, September 10, 2003

 Another interesting Democratic debate last nite on the Fox News Cable channel. Often interrupted by hecklers, the Reverend Sharpton provided some comic relief by hushing them up more than once. Lieberman spent the night hacking away at Dean over Israel issues, but is sounding a tad bit strident to me. Dean seemed to be up to the attack, but appears a bit nervous, like perhaps he hasn't thought out completely some of the issues he has made statements about. Gephardt just rails on about Bush in a loud voice and does not come across well. Edwards has a nice sense of humor and a genuine smile, but that won't get him elected. Mosely Brown is smart and answers questions well, but still isn't well known enough to pull the votes. Kucinich is still as feisty as ever and stuck it to Gephardt over why he didn't tell Bush that we shouldn't go to war. I like his directness, but I'm afraid he would probably alienate many in trying to reach a consensus - still, sure would liven things up in the capitol. I think he votes for things the way he sees them and doesn't worry about the political consequences - I like that. Still comes down to Dean and Kerry. People like Dean because he is a newcomer and probably distrust Kerry because he has been in politics in DC a long time. I still lean towards Kerry, because he is extremely intelligent and is composed and handles himself better than the other candidates. His answers are thoughtful and to the point - he has Clinton's brains without his moral problems. But I question whether he is as an effective campaigner as Dean, who has done wonders through the Net. Stay tuned. Next debate isn't till late in October - October 26th I think -in Detroit.

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