Thursday, September 11, 2003

 Breaking Death's Grip

I agree with the major scope of this article, but take exception to the final paragraph. Why should America do something about it? So we can appear heavy-handed again? I might suggest the UN, if it wasn't such a weak entity.

If I was Sharon, I'd get rid of those damn settlements and any other onerous treatments of Palestinians (again, it's politics that influence Sharon as well - rather than do what is the "right" thing, he takes into consideration what the radical arm of his govt wants and then takes no action - other than retaliations.) I'd also try not retaliating one time, just to see what happens. Then move forward with the peace process. And if Hamas then wants to keep killing Israeli's, I'd would simply crush them once and for all, as difficult as that probably would be without killing innocents.

Followup- I see as of 9/11, that Israel has voted to expel Arafat. Now that should heat things up for sure. He needs to go, but I don't think that's the brightest move I've seen. I think Israel has to show its good intentions first by pulling out of those settlements and trying one time not to retaliate. Although, I remain skeptical that Hamas wants anything but to kill Israelis. We shall see.

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