Monday, September 08, 2003

 So what did you think of GW's plan to spend 87 billion bucks of our money? I've read that surpasses the entire education budget and that it would also be equivalent to the entire pension shortfall. I don't really have a problem with eliminating tyrannical dictators around the world, but not to get the world behind you first is well, shall we say.... dumb? And his speech last night was pathetic - if I was any country contemplating helping out, I'd be having second thoughts for sure. And to expect them not to share in the running of things, but rather to subjugate themselves to the rule of the Americans, well, would you go along with that? Didn't think so. And what was this nonsense about Iraq being the hotbed of terroism now? Come on, GW, you must really be banking on everyone's stupidity. If they're all there now, it's your ineptness that put them there.

One good thing about this? Maybe the electorate will wake up and boot this guy out for the next election and then the rest of the world would probably come help us out with this problem. Here's hoping or you can forget about aid to states, education, healthcare,etc. But maybe we'll all get a tax cut? Seems like the right thing to do, huh? duh.....

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