Friday, February 06, 2004

Bush on "Meet the Press" this Sunday

GW must be feeling the heat in the kitchen since he has agreed to appear on Tim Russert's Meet the Press show this Sunday morning on NBC. Tune in and see if Russert pins him to the mat or tosses him softballs. You never know for sure about Russert - sometimes he can be really tough, other times he can let them off the hook. And of course we will get a chance to see GW spin it with the best of them. Should be worth a watch. Check your listings for the time in your area. 10:30 EST.

A look at Kerry

For an in depth 7 part article on the person most likely to be the Democratic candidate, take a look at these feature articles from the Boston Globe .

And a few more Jabs from the Left

From Bob Herbert of the Times : What seems to be unsettling to large numbers of voters (not just hard-core anti-Bush Democrats) is the notion that events are slipping — or have slipped — out of control, that there is no endgame in Iraq, no plan to rein in runaway deficits, no strategy to put Americans back to work, and no limit to the Bush administration's willingness to shower its friends with favors and public dollars.

From Paul Krugman of the Times: By February 2002, when the administration released its fiscal 2003 budget, all of the bad news — the bursting of the bubble, the recession, and, yes, 9/11 — had already happened. Yet that budget projected only a $14 billion deficit this year, and a return to surpluses next year. Why did that forecast turn out so wrong? Because administration officials fudged the facts, as usual.

Gay Marriages - What's the Problem?
I find it personally amazing how many people get upset over this issue. I've lived 53 years and have yet seen where 2 gay people living together have affected my life. Isn't it time we just said, "live and let live?". Who made the conservatives (or for that matter - the liberals, as well) God? Geez, be happy people love each other rather than wanting to kill each other. And Ohio - shame on you.

Word of the Day:
- glowing and warmly enthusiastic praise; an expression of said praise. Seen in Krugman's article above - Ms. Mylroie's book came with an encomium from Richard Perle; she's known to be close to Paul Wolfowitz and to Dick Cheney's chief of staff. (I must say, this word's a new one on me, but I will pass on an encomium to those who invented it, as it will surely stump anyone who hears me use it. LOL ) 

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