Thursday, February 05, 2004

Women - Friday is RED Day!

Most women don't realize it, but heart disease is the #1 killer of women, more than all cancers combined. A woman dies of heart disease every single minute in this country, killing more than 500,000 every year. Signs are not always what you would expect either - you know - the crushing chest, pain down the arm,etc. Men often feel those symptoms, but women tend to come in and indicate that they feel like they've been having a stomach ache/indigestion, or have a backache or complain of dizziness or numbness. Some have had excessive fatigue, sometimes as long as 6 weeks before having their heart attack. So - do you know your blood pressure? Your chosterol numbers? Are you smoking, obese, or both? The new prevention guidelines aimed at women urge at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity most days; quitting smoking; and that high-risk women receive cholesterol-lowering drugs, preferably statins, and take omega 3 and folic acid supplements. For more info, read this article .

So wear your RED on Friday! National Heart Health Awareness Day!

If you're looking for a good Omega 3 supplement, I can recommend the following from Health from the Sun - 1-2 tsps a day will definitely be a boon to your heart, not to mention the anti-inflammatory properties if you're prone to arthritis,etc. Not that expensive and quite mild tasting.

Folic Acid tabs can be picked up at any drugstore/Walmart,etc and are quite inexpensive. Most multi-vits will have 400mcg in them, the daily requirement. I suspect taking twice that wouldn't hurt a bit. 

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