Monday, February 02, 2004

Vote and the Pols will listen

Bob Hebert of the NY Times points out an important issue - getting lower income people out to vote . I've said this time and again that if you could get low income people past their skepticism of the system and get them out to vote, they could become a potent force in politics. They are the ones truly left behind and have the most to gain by becoming a political force. I find it interesting that all the talk I hear on the campaign trail is about the "middle class" - what about all those milions who fall in the lower class? (how's GW's tax cut help them? - I can tell you - NOT AT ALL). Most Americans are unaware of the extent of the suffering that has fallen on the bottom 20 percent or so of the population. Many low-income Americans are leading lives of grim and sometimes painful determination, struggling to survive from one day to the next. The contrast between the real lives of families sinking beneath the weight of economic distress and the headlines that continue to insist that the economy is doing famously is extraordinary.

Where's that compassion ? 

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