Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Kerry Appeals across the Board

Thought a comment I heard from Bill Schneider, CNN's Sr. Political Analyst was interesting - he suggested that all the Democratic candidates were actually niche candidates, i.e, Lieberman - a "Bush" Democrat; Edwards - Southern appeal ; Clark- National Security ; Sharpton - Black Vote ; Dean - the "left" wing; whereas Kerry appeals to all of these issues and has thus become the more viable candidate. Hard to imagine someone is going to really stop him. Looks like a Kerry/Edwards ticket would be a formidable one. So much will hinge on the war in Iraq and Jobs, come November. If those are going badly, the Democrats have a very good chance, if they've both improved significantly (unlikely), Bush with all his millions will be tough to beat.

Was sorry to see Lieberman go - he just failed to understand how sick and tired Democrats are, when it comes to what is happening to the country. I always liked Joe and probably of all the candidates, he is the one guy who I felt was truly sincere in what he believed in and whom I could completely trust. I, too, am more of a centrist, but the mood is for more than that. It's really more about just getting rid of Bush than any serious "issue" discussion about how things can best be accomplished. Joe misses the "fed-up" component, something Dean capitalized on early, but didn't have the skill to completely carry off. All that said and done, I'm not convinced anybody can do anything in Washington, but I'll take a chipmunk over what we have now.

Quote of the Day:
All I was doing was trying to get home from work
Rosa Parks 

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