Friday, February 06, 2004

Did We Let One Go?

Wonder what's up with this story from Germany ? Why wouldn't the US release intelligence that would perhaps lead to the conviction of a suspected terrorist? Prosecutors blamed the acquittal on the Bush administration's reluctance to make captured terrorists available for testimony and to allow prosecutors to make use of intelligence information on the terrorist network. "They must have their reasons, which they did not communicate to us," said the chief federal prosecutor, Kay Nehm, The Associated Press reported. "I find this conduct by the United States incomprehensible."

"Somebody dropped the ball," said one co-plaintiff, Stephen Push, whose wife, Lisa Raines, was a passenger on American Airlines Flight 77, which was crashed by its hijackers into the Pentagon. "I have been calling ceaselessly to ask why the intelligence has not been made available in the German cases." 

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