Thursday, February 05, 2004

Defense budget doesn't include funds for Iraq, Afghanistan

Noticeably absent from next year's request is money for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. White House budget director Joshua Bolten estimated that another $50 billion would be needed to cover those costs next year. The White House expects to cover the war costs with supplemental funds after next fall's elections

Gee, a mere 50 billion left out - why doesn't that number appear in the deficit number as Josh Marshall points out in his Talking Points blog?

Serving your Country or ... ?

Following up on what many thought was a dead issue after the 2000 election, perhaps there is something more to President Bush's military record than he is willing to admit to? An interesting article here - seems like it would be easy enough for GW to prove where he was. This has suddenly surfaced as a hot topic again, although it is the last thing the WH wants to talk about

Are we a Nation of Cheaters?
An interesting look at cheating in society today. Are we truly worse than we used to be? Lots of good links here and good interviews - take the Integrity test at the bottom of the page. Something to discuss with your kids, perhaps? 

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